rs8050894 in VKORC1

Alleles (on + chromosomal strand)
  1. C > G
  2. C > T

Clinical Annotations

PharmGKB clinical annotations provide information about variant-drug pairs based on a summary of the individual variant annotations in the database. Therefore, each clinical annotation could represent information from a single paper or multiple papers. The rating system used to assign "Strength of Evidence" levels is described here. The individual variant annotations, including the PMID for each supporting PubMed publication, can be found on the "PGx Research" tab above.

This information is manually curated by PharmGKB. All alleles are displayed on the positive chromosomal strand.

Variant Annotations

PharmGKB variant annotations provide information about variant-drug pairs or variant-disease pairs based on individual PubMed publications. Each annotation represents information from a single paper and the goal is to report the information that the author states, not an interpretation of the paper. The PMID for supporting PubMed publications is found in the "Evidence" field.

Information presented, including study size, allele frequencies and statistics is taken directly from the publication. However, if the author does not correct p-values in cases of multiple hypotheses, curators may apply a Bonferroni correction. Curators attempt to report study size based on the actual number of participants used for the calculation of the association statistics, so the number may vary slightly from what is reported in the abstract of the paper. OMB Race Category information is derived from the paper and mapped to standardized categories. Category definitions may be found by clicking on the "OMB Race Category" link.

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Variant Overview

PharmGKB Accession ID: PA166155084
Type: SNP
Class: Intronic
Clinical Significance: Not reported
Genes: VKORC1

Primary Locus

NC_000016.9 31104509 - 31104509
  • C > G
  • C > T
Sequence Type:

Alternate Locations

None specified

Variant Frequencies

Population variation data is sourced from HapMap 3.

Alternate Names

  • NC_000016.10:g.31093188C>G
  • NC_000016.9:g.31104509C>G
  • NG_011564.1:g.6768G>C
  • NM_001311311.1:c.283+124G>C
  • NM_024006.5:c.283+124G>C
  • NM_206824.2:c.173+1369G>C
  • XM_005255568.1:c.283+124G>C
  • XM_011545943.1:c.283+124G>C
  • XM_011545944.1:c.283+124G>C
  • XM_011545945.1:c.173+1369G>C
  • XR_243303.1:n.832+124G>C
  • XR_950848.1:n.1071+124G>C
  • rs17886369

There is no VIP annotation for this variant

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