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General questions about the website

  • What is the PharmGKB?
  • Where is PharmGKB?
  • Who is paying for PharmGKB?
  • How do I register as a PharmGKB user?
  • How do I change my password?
  • How do I cite PharmGKB?
  • How is the PharmGKB different from other databases that have drug or gene data?

General questions about the data/knowledge in PharmGKB

  • What kinds of data are available at PharmGKB?
  • How do I get the data from PharmGKB?
  • Who compiles the Knowledge Base?
  • Does PharmGKB have all the pharmacogenomics articles from PubMed?
  • What should I do if I see an error in the data?
  • What data are manually curated?
  • How can I request addition/curation of a paper?
  • I found a link to data at PharmGKB in a paper but it no longer works, so how do I find the data?
  • How often is PharmGKB updated?
  • How do I find frequency data on genomic variants?
  • Does PharmGKB have information on all the variants associated with drug response?
  • How is race and ethnicity information captured and categorized?

Questions about specific data types

  • What is a variant annotation?
  • What is a clinical annotation?
  • What is a literature annotation?
  • What is a Publication?
  • What is a VIP?
  • What is a PharmGKB pathway?
  • Can I use PharmGKB Pathway diagrams in my presentation or paper?
  • What is a drug label page?
  • What is a PharmGKB haplotype?
  • Do you still have primary data?
  • Do you have allele frequencies?

Questions about data sources

  • What standard do you use for variants?
  • Where do you get allele frequencies?
  • Where are the sources for haplotype tables?
  • What standard do you use for genes?
  • Drugs in PharmGKB
  • Diseases in PharmGKB

Questions about pharmacogenomics and definitions

  • What is the difference between pharmacogenetics and pharmacogenomics?
  • How is a genetic study different from a pharmacogenetic study?
  • Why is pharmacogenomics not used routinely in patient care?
  • What is PK?
  • What is PD?

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