Variant: VIP

rs1057910 in CYP2C9

Alleles (on + chromosomal strand)
  1. A > C

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Variant Overview

PharmGKB Accession ID: PA166153959
Type: SNP
Class: Missense
Clinical Significance: Not reported
Genes: CYP2C9

Primary Locus

NC_000010.10 96741053 - 96741053
  • A > C
Sequence Type:

Alternate Locations

  1. Name:
    NP_000762.2 359 - 359
    • I > L
    Sequence Type:

Variant Frequencies

Population variation data is sourced from HapMap 3.

Alternate Names

  • NC_000010.10:g.96741053A=
  • NC_000010.10:g.96741053A>C
  • NC_000010.11:g.94981296A=
  • NC_000010.11:g.94981296A>C
  • NG_008385.1:g.47639A=
  • NG_008385.1:g.47639A>C
  • NM_000771.3:c.1075A=
  • NM_000771.3:c.1075A>C
  • NP_000762.2:p.Ile359=
  • NP_000762.2:p.Ile359Leu
  • XM_005269575.1:c.1075A=
  • XM_005269575.1:c.1075A>C
  • XP_005269632.1:p.Ile359=
  • XP_005269632.1:p.Ile359Leu
  • rs17847042
  • rs3198471
  • rs61212474

VIP Variant in CYP2C9

The variant at this position is the defining allele for the CYP2C9*3 haplotype. Other variant positions delineate between haplotypes in the *3 series (see for defining website), but a C allele at this position defines a CYP2C9*3 haplotype. For further information about the CYP2C9*3 haplotype see the Haplotype page.

The catalytic activity of the *3 haplotype is significantly reduced for most CYP2C9 substrates because of both an increase in Km and a reduction in Vmax [Articles:11927841, 15637526, 14597963].
Leu/Leu homozygotes have lower metabolic activity for CYP2C9 substrates in general, including tolbutamide and phenytoin [Article:10761997]. However, much of the supporting data are from in-vitro studies and homozygous individuals are rare [Article:19082874]. In other studies, it has been found that heterozygotes have about half the clearance as wild-type, for the following drugs: S-warfarin, tolbutamide, fluvastatin, glimepiride, tenoxicam, candesartan, celecoxib, phenytoin [Article:15637526].
The clearance of S-ibuprofen is reduced in CYP2C9*3/*3 homozygotes compared with wild-type homogozygotes [Article:15289789]. In in-vivo studies, the CYP2C9*3 haplotype in heterozygote subjects has been associated with a lower clearance and longer half-life of flurbiprofen [Article:12698304].

PopulationN subjectsAllele Frequency of "C"PMID
Chinese (Shanghai)3940.036[Article:12803577]
Vietnamese (Kinh)1570.022[Article:15795654]
Ashekenazi Jew1000.080[Article:16111713]
Yemenite Jew990.081[Article:16111713]
Moroccan Jew1000.115[Article:16111713]
Libyan Jew890.174[Article:16111713]
French Caucasians1510.080[Article:12803577]
Citation Cytochrome P450 2C9-CYP2C9. Pharmacogenetics and genomics. 2010. Van Booven Derek, Marsh Sharon, McLeod Howard, Carrillo Michelle Whirl, Sangkuhl Katrin, Klein Teri E, Altman Russ B. PubMed
Reviewed 11/18/2009
Key Publications:
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CYP2C9: 359Ile>Leu

Genomic Variant & GenBank ID:15489579 A>C on NT_030059 
mRNA Variant & GenBank ID:1075 A>C on NM_000771 
Protein Variant & GenBank ID:359Ile>Leu on NP_000762 
Key Haplotypes:CYP2C9*3
gp Positionchr10:96731043(hg18)

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