A Randomized Trial of Genotype-Guided Dosing of Acenocoumarol and Phenprocoumon by Verhoef Talitha I, Ragia Georgia, de Boer Anthonius, Barallon Rita, Kolovou Genovefa, Kolovou Vana, Konstantinides Stavros, Le Cessie Saskia, Maltezos Efstratios, van der Meer Felix J M, Redekop William K, Remkes Mary, Rosendaal Frits R, van Schie Rianne M F, Tavridou Anna, Tziakas Dimitrios, Wadelius Mia, Manolopoulos Vangelis G, Maitland-van der Zee Anke H, the EU-PACT Group in The New England journal of medicine (2013).

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