Inherited GATA3 variants are associated with Ph-like childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia and risk of relapse by Perez-Andreu Virginia, Roberts Kathryn G, Harvey Richard C, Yang Wenjian, Cheng Cheng, Pei Deqing, Xu Heng, Gastier-Foster Julie, E Shuyu, Lim Joshua Yew-Suang, Chen I-Ming, Fan Yiping, Devidas Meenakshi, Borowitz Michael J, Smith Colton, Neale Geoffrey, Burchard Esteban G, Torgerson Dara G, Klussmann Federico Antillon, Villagran Cesar Rolando Najera, Winick Naomi J, Camitta Bruce M, Raetz Elizabeth, Wood Brent, Yue Feng, Carroll William L, Larsen Eric, Bowman W Paul, Loh Mignon L, Dean Michael, Bhojwani Deepa, Pui Ching-Hon, Evans William E, Relling Mary V, Hunger Stephen P, Willman Cheryl L, Mullighan Charles G, Yang Jun J in Nature genetics (2013).

[PMID: 24141364] PubMed


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