Stroke Genetics Network (SiGN) Study: Design and Rationale for a Genome-Wide Association Study of Ischemic Stroke Subtypes by Meschia James F, Arnett Donna K, Ay Hakan, Brown Robert D, Benavente Oscar R, Cole John W, de Bakker Paul I W, Dichgans Martin, Doheny Kimberly F, Fornage Myriam, Grewal Raji P, Gwinn Katrina, Jern Christina, Conde Jordi Jimenez, Johnson Julie A, Jood Katarina, Laurie Cathy C, Lee Jin-Moo, Lindgren Arne, Markus Hugh S, McArdle Patrick F, McClure Leslie A, Mitchell Braxton D, Schmidt Reinhold, Rexrode Kathryn M, Rich Stephen S, Rosand Jonathan, Rothwell Peter M, Rundek Tatjana, Sacco Ralph L, Sharma Pankaj, Shuldiner Alan R, Slowik Agnieszka, Wassertheil-Smoller Sylvia, Sudlow Cathie, Thijs Vincent N S, Woo Daniel, Worrall Bradford B, Wu Ona, Kittner Steven J, on behalf of the NINDS SiGN Study in Stroke; a journal of cerebral circulation (2013).

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Meta-analyses of extant genome-wide data illustrate the need to focus on subtypes of ischemic stroke for gene discovery. The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke SiGN (Stroke Genetics Network) contributes substantially to meta-analyses that focus on specific subtypes of stroke.

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