A genome-wide association study of bronchodilator response in Latinos implicates rare variants by Drake Katherine A, Torgerson Dara G, Gignoux Christopher R, Galanter Joshua M, Roth Lindsey A, Huntsman Scott, Eng Celeste, Oh Sam S, Yee Sook Wah, Lin Lawrence, Bustamante Carlos D, Moreno-Estrada Andrés, Sandoval Karla, Davis Adam, Borrell Luisa N, Farber Harold J, Kumar Rajesh, Avila Pedro C, Brigino-Buenaventura Emerita, Chapela Rocio, Ford Jean G, Lenoir Michael A, Lurmann Fred, Meade Kelley, Serebrisky Denise, Thyne Shannon, Rodríguez-Cintrón William, Sen Saunak, Rodríguez-Santana José R, Hernandez Ryan D, Giacomini Kathleen M, Burchard Esteban G in The Journal of allergy and clinical immunology (2013).

[PMID: 23992748] PubMed


The primary rescue medication to treat acute asthma exacerbation is the short-acting beta2-adrenergic receptor agonist; however, there is variation in how well a patient responds to treatment. Although these differences might be due to environmental factors, there is mounting evidence for a genetic contribution to variability in bronchodilator response (BDR).

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