ITGB5 and AGFG1 variants are associated with severity of airway responsiveness by Himes Blanca E, Qiu Weiliang, Klanderman Barbara, Ziniti John, Senter-Sylvia Jody, Szefler Stanley J, Lemanske Robert F, Zeiger Robert S, Strunk Robert C, Martinez Fernando D, Boushey Homer, Chinchilli Vernon M, Israel Elliot, Mauger David, Koppelman Gerard H, Nieuwenhuis Maartje Ae, Postma Dirkje S, Vonk Judith M, Rafaels Nicholas, Hansel Nadia N, Barnes Kathleen, Raby Benjamin, Tantisira Kelan G, Weiss Scott T in BMC medical genetics (2013).

[PMID: 23984888] PubMed


Airway hyperresponsiveness (AHR), a primary characteristic of asthma, involves increased airway smooth muscle contractility in response to certain exposures. We sought to determine whether common genetic variants were associated with AHR severity.

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