Association of the FTO obesity risk variant rs8050136 with percentage of energy intake from fat in multiple racial/ethnic populations: the PAGE study by Park Sungshim Lani, Cheng Iona, Pendergrass Sarah A, Kucharska-Newton Anna M, Lim Unhee, Ambite Jose Luis, Caberto Christian P, Monroe Kristine R, Schumacher Fredrick, Hindorff Lucia A, Oetjens Matthew T, Wilson Sarah, Goodloe Robert J, Love Shelly-Ann, Henderson Brian E, Kolonel Laurence N, Haiman Christopher A, Crawford Dana C, North Kari E, Heiss Gerardo, Ritchie Marylyn D, Wilkens Lynne R, Le Marchand Loïc in American journal of epidemiology (2013).

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