Genome- and phenome-wide analyses of cardiac conduction identifies markers of arrhythmia risk by Ritchie Marylyn D, Denny Joshua C, Zuvich Rebecca L, Crawford Dana C, Schildcrout Jonathan S, Bastarache Lisa, Ramirez Andrea H, Mosley Jonathan D, Pulley Jill M, Basford Melissa A, Bradford Yuki, Rasmussen Luke V, Pathak Jyotishman, Chute Christopher G, Kullo Iftikhar J, McCarty Catherine A, Chisholm Rex L, Kho Abel N, Carlson Christopher S, Larson Eric B, Jarvik Gail P, Sotoodehnia Nona, Cohorts for Heart and Aging Research in Genomic Epidemiology (CHARGE) QRS Group, Manolio Teri A, Li Rongling, Masys Daniel R, Haines Jonathan L, Roden Dan M in Circulation (2013).

[PMID: 23463857] PubMed


ECG QRS duration, a measure of cardiac intraventricular conduction, varies ≈2-fold in individuals without cardiac disease. Slow conduction may promote re-entrant arrhythmias.

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