Tailored second line therapy in asthmatic children with the arginine-16 genotype by Lipworth Brian J, Basu Kaninika, Donald Helen P, Tavendale Roger, Macgregor Donald F, Ogston Simon A, Palmer Colin N A, Mukhopadhyay Somnath in Clinical science (London, England : 1979) (2012).

[PMID: 23126384] PubMed


The arginine-16 beta-2 receptor genotype confers increased susceptibility to exacerbations in asthmatic children taking regular long acting beta-2 agonists. We therefore evaluated using montelukast as an alternative to salmeterol as tailored second line asthma controller therapy in children expressing this susceptible genotype. 62 persistent asthmatic children with the homozygous arginine-16 genotype were randomized to receive salmeterol 50ug bid or montelukast 5/10mg od as add on to inhaled fluticasone for 1 year. School absences (the primary outcome) were reduced with montelukast arm compared to salmeterol: difference in score = 0.40 (95%CI 0.07-0.87) p=0.005. Albuterol use was also reduced with montelukast compared with salmeterol: difference in score = 0.47 (95%CI 0.16-0.79) p<0.0001. Greater improvements occurred in both symptom and quality of life scores with montelukast vs salmeterol, while there was no difference in FEV1. Montelukast may be suitable as tailored second line controller therapy instead of salmeterol in asthmatic children expressing the susceptible arginine-16 genotype - moving towards a personalised medicine approach to management.

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