Further replication studies of the EVE Consortium meta-analysis identifies 2 asthma risk loci in European Americans by Myers Rachel A, Himes Blanca E, Gignoux Christopher R, Yang James J, Gauderman W James, Rebordosa Cristina, Xie Jianming, Torgerson Dara G, Levin Albert M, Baurley James, Graves Penelope E, Mathias Rasika A, Romieu Isabelle, Roth Lindsey A, Conti David, Avila Lydiana, Eng Celeste, Vora Hita, LeNoir Michael A, Soto-Quiros Manuel, Liu Jinghua, Celedón Juan C, Farber Harold J, Kumar Rajesh, Avila Pedro C, Meade Kelley, Serebrisky Denise, Thyne Shannon, Rodriguez-Cintron William, Rodriguez-Santana Jose R, Borrell Luisa N, Lemanske Robert F, Bleecker Eugene R, Meyers Deborah A, London Stephanie J, Barnes Kathleen C, Raby Benjamin A, Martinez Fernando D, Gilliland Frank D, Williams L Keoki, Burchard Esteban G, Weiss Scott T, Nicolae Dan L, Ober Carole in The Journal of allergy and clinical immunology (2012).

[PMID: 23040885] PubMed


Genome-wide association studies of asthma have implicated many genetic risk factors, with well-replicated associations at approximately 10 loci that account for only a small proportion of the genetic risk.

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