A Clinician-Driven Automated System for Integration of Pharmacogenetic Interpretations Into an Electronic Medical Record by Hicks J K, Crews K R, Hoffman J M, Kornegay N M, Wilkinson M R, Lorier R, Stoddard A, Yang W, Smith C, Fernandez C A, Cross S J, Haidar C, Baker D K, Howard S C, Evans W E, Broeckel U, Relling M V in Clinical pharmacology and therapeutics (2012).

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Advances in pharmacogenetic testing will expand the number of clinically important pharmacogenetic variants. Communication and interpretation of these test results are critical steps in implementation of pharmacogenetics into the clinic. Computational tools that integrate directly into the electronic medical record (EMR) are needed to translate the growing number of genetic variants into interpretive consultations to facilitate gene-based drug prescribing. Herein, we describe processes for incorporating pharmacogenetic tests and interpretations into the EMR for clinical practice.Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics (2012); advance online publication 19 September 2012. doi:10.1038/clpt.2012.140.

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