Nicotine receptor subtype-specific effects on auditory evoked oscillations and potentials by Featherstone Robert E, Phillips Jennifer M, Thieu Tony, Ehrlichman Richard S, Halene Tobias B, Leiser Steven C, Christian Edward, Johnson Edwin, Lerman Caryn, Siegel Steven J in PloS one (2012).

[PMID: 22911690] PubMed


Individuals with schizophrenia show increased smoking rates which may be due to a beneficial effect of nicotine on cognition and information processing. Decreased amplitude of the P50 and N100 auditory event-related potentials (ERPs) is observed in patients. Both measures show normalization following administration of nicotine. Recent studies identified an association between deficits in auditory evoked gamma oscillations and impaired information processing in schizophrenia, and there is evidence that nicotine normalizes gamma oscillations. Although the role of nicotine receptor subtypes in augmentation of ERPs has received some attention, less is known about how these receptor subtypes regulate the effect of nicotine on evoked gamma activity.

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