Multi-ethnic analysis of lipid-associated loci: the NHLBI CARe project by Musunuru Kiran, Romaine Simon P R, Lettre Guillaume, Wilson James G, Volcik Kelly A, Tsai Michael Y, Taylor Herman A, Schreiner Pamela J, Rotter Jerome I, Rich Stephen S, Redline Susan, Psaty Bruce M, Papanicolaou George J, Ordovas Jose M, Liu Kiang, Krauss Ronald M, Glazer Nicole L, Gabriel Stacey B, Fornage Myriam, Cupples L Adrienne, Buxbaum Sarah G, Boerwinkle Eric, Ballantyne Christie M, Kathiresan Sekar, Rader Daniel J in PloS one (2012).

[PMID: 22629316] PubMed


Whereas it is well established that plasma lipid levels have substantial heritability within populations, it remains unclear how many of the genetic determinants reported in previous studies (largely performed in European American cohorts) are relevant in different ethnicities.

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