Genome-wide significant association between alcohol dependence and a variant in the ADH gene cluster by Frank Josef, Cichon Sven, Treutlein Jens, Ridinger Monika, Mattheisen Manuel, Hoffmann Per, Herms Stefan, Wodarz Norbert, Soyka Michael, Zill Peter, Maier Wolfgang, Mössner Rainald, Gaebel Wolfgang, Dahmen Norbert, Scherbaum Norbert, Schmäl Christine, Steffens Michael, Lucae Susanne, Ising Marcus, Müller-Myhsok Bertram, Nöthen Markus M, Mann Karl, Kiefer Falk, Rietschel Marcella in Addiction biology (2011).

[PMID: 22004471] PubMed


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