Genomewide association between GLCCI1 and response to glucocorticoid therapy in asthma by Tantisira Kelan G, Lasky-Su Jessica, Harada Michishige, Murphy Amy, Litonjua Augusto A, Himes Blanca E, Lange Christoph, Lazarus Ross, Sylvia Jody, Klanderman Barbara, Duan Qing Ling, Qiu Weiliang, Hirota Tomomitsu, Martinez Fernando D, Mauger David, Sorkness Christine, Szefler Stanley, Lazarus Stephen C, Lemanske Robert F, Peters Stephen P, Lima John J, Nakamura Yusuke, Tamari Mayumi, Weiss Scott T in The New England journal of medicine (2011).

[PMID: 21991891] PubMed


The response to treatment for asthma is characterized by wide interindividual variability, with a significant number of patients who have no response. We hypothesized that a genomewide association study would reveal novel pharmacogenetic determinants of the response to inhaled glucocorticoids.

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