Analysis of 94 Candidate Genes and 12 Endophenotypes for Schizophrenia From the Consortium on the Genetics of Schizophrenia by Greenwood Tiffany A, Lazzeroni Laura C, Murray Sarah S, Cadenhead Kristin S, Calkins Monica E, Dobie Dorcas J, Green Michael F, Gur Raquel E, Gur Ruben C, Hardiman Gary, Kelsoe John R, Leonard Sherry, Light Gregory A, Nuechterlein Keith H, Olincy Ann, Radant Allen D, Schork Nicholas J, Seidman Larry J, Siever Larry J, Silverman Jeremy M, Stone William S, Swerdlow Neal R, Tsuang Debby W, Tsuang Ming T, Turetsky Bruce I, Freedman Robert, Braff David L in The American journal of psychiatry (2011).

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