Association of the vitamin D metabolism gene CYP24A1 with coronary artery calcification by Shen Haiqing, Bielak Lawrence F, Ferguson Jane F, Streeten Elizabeth A, Yerges-Armstrong Laura M, Liu Jie, Post Wendy, O'Connell Jeffery R, Hixson James E, Kardia Sharon L R, Sun Yan V, Jhun Min A, Wang Xuexia, Mehta Nehal N, Li Mingyao, Koller Daniel L, Hakonarson Hakan, Keating Brendan J, Rader Daniel J, Shuldiner Alan R, Peyser Patricia A, Reilly Muredach P, Mitchell Braxton D in Arteriosclerosis, thrombosis, and vascular biology (2010).

[PMID: 20847308] PubMed


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