Association of the vitamin D metabolism gene CYP24A1 with coronary artery calcification by Shen Haiqing, Bielak Lawrence F, Ferguson Jane F, Streeten Elizabeth A, Yerges-Armstrong Laura M, Liu Jie, Post Wendy, O'Connell Jeffery R, Hixson James E, Kardia Sharon L R, Sun Yan V, Jhun Min A, Wang Xuexia, Mehta Nehal N, Li Mingyao, Koller Daniel L, Hakonarson Hakan, Keating Brendan J, Rader Daniel J, Shuldiner Alan R, Peyser Patricia A, Reilly Muredach P, Mitchell Braxton D in Arteriosclerosis, thrombosis, and vascular biology (2010).

[PMID: 20847308] PubMed


OBJECTIVE: The vitamin D endocrine system is essential for calcium homeostasis, and low levels of vitamin D metabolites have been associated with cardiovascular disease risk. We hypothesized that DNA sequence variation in genes regulating vitamin D metabolism and signaling pathways might influence variation in coronary artery calcification (CAC). METHODS AND RESULTS: We genotyped single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in GC, CYP27B1, CYP24A1, and VDR and tested their association with CAC quantity, as measured by electron beam computed tomography. Initial association studies were carried out in a discovery sample comprising 697 Amish subjects, and SNPs nominally associated with CAC quantity (4 SNPs in CYP24A1, P=0.008 to 0.00003) were then tested for association with CAC quantity in 2 independent cohorts of subjects of white European ancestry (Genetic Epidemiology Network of Arteriopathy study [n=916] and the Penn Coronary Artery Calcification sample [n=2061]). One of the 4 SNPs, rs2762939, was associated with CAC quantity in both the Genetic Epidemiology Network of Arteriopathy (P=0.007) and Penn Coronary Artery Calcification (P=0.01) studies. In all 3 populations, the rs2762939 C allele was associated with lower CAC quantity. Metaanalysis for the association of this SNP with CAC quantity across all 3 studies yielded a P value of 2.9×10(-6). CONCLUSIONS: A common SNP in the CYP24A1 gene was associated with CAC quantity in 3 independent populations. This result suggests a role for vitamin D metabolism in the development of CAC quantity.

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