Identification of novel cluster groups in pediatric high-risk B-precursor acute lymphoblastic leukemia with gene expression profiling: correlation with genome-wide DNA copy number alterations, clinical characteristics, and outcome by Harvey Richard C, Mullighan Charles G, Wang Xuefei, Dobbin Kevin K, Davidson George S, Bedrick Edward J, Chen I-Ming, Atlas Susan R, Kang Huining, Ar Kerem, Wilson Carla S, Wharton Walker, Murphy Maurice, Devidas Meenakshi, Carroll Andrew J, Borowitz Michael J, Bowman W Paul, Downing James R, Relling Mary, Yang Jun, Bhojwani Deepa, Carroll William L, Camitta Bruce, Reaman Gregory H, Smith Malcolm, Hunger Stephen P, Willman Cheryl L in Blood (2010).

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