Dual-specificity phosphatase 1 as a pharmacogenetic modifier of inhaled steroid response among asthmatic patients by Jin Ying, Hu Donglei, Peterson Edward L, Eng Celeste, Levin Albert M, Wells Karen, Beckman Kenneth, Kumar Rajesh, Seibold Max A, Karungi Gloria, Zoratti Amanda, Gaggin John, Campbell Janis, Galanter Joshua, Chapela Rocío, Rodríguez-Santana José R, Watson H Geoffrey, Meade Kelley, Lenoir Michael, Rodríguez-Cintrón William, Avila Pedro C, Lanfear David E, Burchard Esteban G, Williams L Keoki in The Journal of allergy and clinical immunology (2010).

[PMID: 20673984] PubMed


Inhaled corticosteroids (ICSs) are considered first-line treatment for persistent asthma, yet there is significant variability in treatment response. Dual-specificity phosphatase 1 (DUSP1) appears to mediate the anti-inflammatory action of corticosteroids.

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