CISH and susceptibility to infectious diseases by Khor Chiea C, Vannberg Fredrik O, Chapman Stephen J, Guo Haiyan, Wong Sunny H, Walley Andrew J, Vukcevic Damjan, Rautanen Anna, Mills Tara C, Chang Kwok-Chiu, Kam Kai-Man, Crampin Amelia C, Ngwira Bagrey, Leung Chi-Chiu, Tam Cheuk-Ming, Chan Chiu-Yeung, Sung Joseph J Y, Yew Wing-Wai, Toh Kai-Yee, Tay Stacey K H, Kwiatkowski Dominic, Lienhardt Christian, Hien Tran-Tinh, Day Nicholas P, Peshu Nobert, Marsh Kevin, Maitland Kathryn, Scott J Anthony, Williams Thomas N, Berkley James A, Floyd Sian, Tang Nelson L S, Fine Paul E M, Goh Denise L M, Hill Adrian V S in The New England journal of medicine (2010).

[PMID: 20484391] PubMed


The interleukin-2-mediated immune response is critical for host defense against infectious pathogens. Cytokine-inducible SRC homology 2 (SH2) domain protein (CISH), a suppressor of cytokine signaling, controls interleukin-2 signaling.

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