Interleukin-28B polymorphism improves viral kinetics and is the strongest pretreatment predictor of sustained virologic response in genotype 1 hepatitis C virus by Thompson Alexander J, Muir Andrew J, Sulkowski Mark S, Ge Dongliang, Fellay Jacques, Shianna Kevin V, Urban Thomas, Afdhal Nezam H, Jacobson Ira M, Esteban Rafael, Poordad Fred, Lawitz Eric J, McCone Jonathan, Shiffman Mitchell L, Galler Greg W, Lee William M, Reindollar Robert, King John W, Kwo Paul Y, Ghalib Reem H, Freilich Bradley, Nyberg Lisa M, Zeuzem Stefan, Poynard Thierry, Vock David M, Pieper Karen S, Patel Keyur, Tillmann Hans L, Noviello Stephanie, Koury Kenneth, Pedicone Lisa D, Brass Clifford A, Albrecht Janice K, Goldstein David B, McHutchison John G in Gastroenterology (2010).

[PMID: 20399780] PubMed


We recently identified a polymorphism upstream of interleukin (IL)-28B to be associated with a 2-fold difference in sustained virologic response (SVR) rates to pegylated interferon-alfa and ribavirin therapy in a large cohort of treatment-naive, adherent patients with chronic hepatitis C virus genotype 1 (HCV-1) infection. We sought to confirm the polymorphism's clinical relevance by intention-to-treat analysis evaluating on-treatment virologic response and SVR.

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