Genome-wide pharmacogenetics of antidepressant response in the GENDEP project by Uher Rudolf, Perroud Nader, Ng Mandy Y M, Hauser Joanna, Henigsberg Neven, Maier Wolfgang, Mors Ole, Placentino Anna, Rietschel Marcella, Souery Daniel, Zagar Tina, Czerski Piotr M, Jerman Borut, Larsen Erik Roj, Schulze Thomas G, Zobel Astrid, Cohen-Woods Sarah, Pirlo Katrina, Butler Amy W, Muglia Pierandrea, Barnes Michael R, Lathrop Mark, Farmer Anne, Breen Gerome, Aitchison Katherine J, Craig Ian, Lewis Cathryn M, McGuffin Peter in The American journal of psychiatry (2010).

[PMID: 20360315] PubMed


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