Genetic variation in nicotine metabolism predicts the efficacy of extended-duration transdermal nicotine therapy by Lerman C, Jepson C, Wileyto E P, Patterson F, Schnoll R, Mroziewicz M, Benowitz N, Tyndale R F in Clinical pharmacology and therapeutics (2010).

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In a placebo-controlled trial, we examined the efficacy of a 6-month ("extended") transdermal nicotine therapy vs. the 8-week ("standard") therapy in 471 Caucasian smokers with either normal or reduced rates of nicotine metabolism as determined at pretreatment. Extended therapy was superior to standard therapy in genotypic or phenotypic reduced metabolizers (RMs) of nicotine but not in normal metabolizers (NMs). RMs of nicotine are candidates for extended transdermal nicotine therapy, whereas an alternative therapeutic approach may be needed for those with normal rates of nicotine metabolism.

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