COL4A1 is associated with arterial stiffness by genome-wide association scan by Tarasov Kirill V, Sanna Serena, Scuteri Angelo, Strait James B, OrrĂ¹ Marco, Parsa Afshin, Lin Ping-I, Maschio Andrea, Lai Sandra, Piras Maria Grazia, Masala Marco, Tanaka Toshiko, Post Wendy, O'Connell Jeffrey R, Schlessinger David, Cao Antonio, Nagaraja Ramaiah, Mitchell Braxton D, Abecasis Gonçalo R, Shuldiner Alan R, Uda Manuela, Lakatta Edward G, Najjar Samer S in Circulation. Cardiovascular genetics (2009).

[PMID: 20031579] PubMed


Pulse wave velocity (PWV), a noninvasive index of central arterial stiffness, is a potent predictor of cardiovascular mortality and morbidity. Heritability and linkage studies have pointed toward a genetic component affecting PWV. We conducted a genome-wide association study to identify single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) associated with PWV.

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