MMP12, lung function, and COPD in high-risk populations by Hunninghake Gary M, Cho Michael H, Tesfaigzi Yohannes, Soto-Quiros Manuel E, Avila Lydiana, Lasky-Su Jessica, Stidley Chris, Melén Erik, Söderhäll Cilla, Hallberg Jenny, Kull Inger, Kere Juha, Svartengren Magnus, Pershagen Göran, Wickman Magnus, Lange Christoph, Demeo Dawn L, Hersh Craig P, Klanderman Barbara J, Raby Benjamin A, Sparrow David, Shapiro Steven D, Silverman Edwin K, Litonjua Augusto A, Weiss Scott T, Celedón Juan C in The New England journal of medicine (2009).

[PMID: 20018959] PubMed


Genetic variants influencing lung function in children and adults may ultimately lead to the development of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), particularly in high-risk groups.

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