A homozygous CARD9 mutation in a family with susceptibility to fungal infections by Glocker Erik-Oliver, Hennigs Andre, Nabavi Mohammad, Schäffer Alejandro A, Woellner Cristina, Salzer Ulrich, Pfeifer Dietmar, Veelken Hendrik, Warnatz Klaus, Tahami Fariba, Jamal Sarah, Manguiat Annabelle, Rezaei Nima, Amirzargar Ali Akbar, Plebani Alessandro, Hannesschläger Nicole, Gross Olaf, Ruland Jürgen, Grimbacher Bodo in The New England journal of medicine (2009).

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Chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis may be manifested as a primary immunodeficiency characterized by persistent or recurrent infections of the mucosa or the skin with candida species. Most cases are sporadic, but both autosomal dominant inheritance and autosomal recessive inheritance have been described.

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