The epoxygenases CYP2J2 activates the nuclear receptor PPARalpha in vitro and in vivo by Wray Jessica A, Sugden Mary C, Zeldin Darryl C, Greenwood Gemma K, Samsuddin Salma, Miller-Degraff Laura, Bradbury J Alyce, Holness Mark J, Warner Timothy D, Bishop-Bailey David in PloS one (2009).

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Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors (PPARs) are a family of three (PPARalpha, -beta/delta, and -gamma) nuclear receptors. In particular, PPARalpha is involved in regulation of fatty acid metabolism, cell growth and inflammation. PPARalpha mediates the cardiac fasting response, increasing fatty acid metabolism, decreasing glucose utilisation, and is the target for the fibrate lipid-lowering class of drugs. However, little is known regarding the endogenous generation of PPAR ligands. CYP2J2 is a lipid metabolising cytochrome P450, which produces anti-inflammatory mediators, and is considered the major epoxygenase in the human heart.

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