Genetic variation in the proximal promoter of ABC and SLC superfamilies: liver and kidney specific expression and promoter activity predict variation by Hesselson Stephanie E, Matsson Pär, Shima James E, Fukushima Hisayo, Yee Sook Wah, Kobayashi Yuya, Gow Jason M, Ha Connie, Ma Benjamin, Poon Annie, Johns Susan J, Stryke Doug, Castro Richard A, Tahara Harunobu, Choi Ji Ha, Chen Ligong, Picard Nicolas, Sjödin Elin, Roelofs Maarke J E, Ferrin Thomas E, Myers Richard, Kroetz Deanna L, Kwok Pui-Yan, Giacomini Kathleen M in PloS one (2009).

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