A genomewide association study points to multiple loci that predict antidepressant drug treatment outcome in depression by Ising Marcus, Lucae Susanne, Binder Elisabeth B, Bettecken Thomas, Uhr Manfred, Ripke Stephan, Kohli Martin A, Hennings Johannes M, Horstmann Sonja, Kloiber Stefan, Menke Andreas, Bondy Brigitta, Rupprecht Rainer, Domschke Katharina, Baune Bernhard T, Arolt Volker, Rush A John, Holsboer Florian, Müller-Myhsok Bertram in Archives of general psychiatry (2009).

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The efficacy of antidepressant drug treatment in depression is unsatisfactory; 1 in 3 patients does not fully recover even after several treatment trials. Genetic factors and clinical characteristics contribute to the failure of a favorable treatment outcome.

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