Gefitinib or carboplatin-paclitaxel in pulmonary adenocarcinoma by Mok Tony S, Wu Yi-Long, Thongprasert Sumitra, Yang Chih-Hsin, Chu Da-Tong, Saijo Nagahiro, Sunpaweravong Patrapim, Han Baohui, Margono Benjamin, Ichinose Yukito, Nishiwaki Yutaka, Ohe Yuichiro, Yang Jin-Ji, Chewaskulyong Busyamas, Jiang Haiyi, Duffield Emma L, Watkins Claire L, Armour Alison A, Fukuoka Masahiro in The New England journal of medicine (2009).

[PMID: 19692680] PubMed


Previous, uncontrolled studies have suggested that first-line treatment with gefitinib would be efficacious in selected patients with non-small-cell lung cancer.

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