Variation in care in pediatric Crohn disease by Colletti Richard B, Baldassano Robert N, Milov David E, Margolis Peter A, Bousvaros Athos, Crandall Wallace V, Crissinger Karen D, D'Amico Michael A, Day Andrew S, Denson Lee A, Dubinsky Marla, Ebach Dawn R, Hoffenberg Edward J, Kader Howard A, Keljo David J, Leibowitz Ian H, Mamula Petar, Pfefferkorn Marian D, Qureshi M Azim, Pediatric IBD Network for Research and Improvement in Journal of pediatric gastroenterology and nutrition (2009).

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Variation in medical care can be a barrier to improving clinical outcomes. We aim to describe the variation in care of Crohn disease as provided by a broad sample of pediatric gastroenterologists.

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