Genetic variants altering dopamine D2 receptor expression or function modulate the risk of opiate addiction and the dosage requirements of methadone substitution by Doehring Alexandra, Hentig Nils von, Graff Jochen, Salamat Syavash, Schmidt Michael, Geisslinger Gerd, Harder Sebastian, Lötsch Jörn in Pharmacogenetics and genomics (2009).

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Addictive behavior is importantly mediated by mesolimbic dopaminergic signaling. Here, we comprehensively analyzed the DRD2 gene locus, and in addition, the ANKK1 rs1800497C>T single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP), formerly known as 'dopamine D2 receptor Taq1A C>T polymorphism', for associations with the risk of opiate addiction and the methadone dosage requirements.

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