Genome-wide association study for early-onset and morbid adult obesity identifies three new risk loci in European populations by Meyre David, Delplanque Jérôme, Chèvre Jean-Claude, Lecoeur Cécile, Lobbens Stéphane, Gallina Sophie, Durand Emmanuelle, Vatin Vincent, Degraeve Franck, Proença Christine, Gaget Stefan, Körner Antje, Kovacs Peter, Kiess Wieland, Tichet Jean, Marre Michel, Hartikainen Anna-Liisa, Horber Fritz, Potoczna Natascha, Hercberg Serge, Levy-Marchal Claire, Pattou François, Heude Barbara, Tauber Maithé, McCarthy Mark I, Blakemore Alexandra I F, Montpetit Alexandre, Polychronakos Constantin, Weill Jacques, Coin Lachlan J M, Asher Julian, Elliott Paul, Järvelin Marjo-Riitta, Visvikis-Siest Sophie, Balkau Beverley, Sladek Rob, Balding David, Walley Andrew, Dina Christian, Froguel Philippe in Nature genetics (2009).

[PMID: 19151714] PubMed


We analyzed genome-wide association data from 1,380 Europeans with early-onset and morbid adult obesity and 1,416 age-matched normal-weight controls. Thirty-eight markers showing strong association were further evaluated in 14,186 European subjects. In addition to FTO and MC4R, we detected significant association of obesity with three new risk loci in NPC1 (endosomal/lysosomal Niemann-Pick C1 gene, P = 2.9 x 10(-7)), near MAF (encoding the transcription factor c-MAF, P = 3.8 x 10(-13)) and near PTER (phosphotriesterase-related gene, P = 2.1 x 10(-7)).

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