DNAI2 mutations cause primary ciliary dyskinesia with defects in the outer dynein arm by Loges Niki Tomas, Olbrich Heike, Fenske Lale, Mussaffi Huda, Horvath Judit, Fliegauf Manfred, Kuhl Heiner, Baktai Gyorgy, Peterffy Erzsebet, Chodhari Rahul, Chung Eddie M K, Rutman Andrew, O'Callaghan Christopher, Blau Hannah, Tiszlavicz Laszlo, Voelkel Katarzyna, Witt Michal, Zietkiewicz Ewa, Neesen Juergen, Reinhardt Richard, Mitchison Hannah M, Omran Heymut in American journal of human genetics (2008).

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