K-ras mutations and benefit from cetuximab in advanced colorectal cancer by Karapetis Christos S, Khambata-Ford Shirin, Jonker Derek J, O'Callaghan Chris J, Tu Dongsheng, Tebbutt Niall C, Simes R John, Chalchal Haji, Shapiro Jeremy D, Robitaille Sonia, Price Timothy J, Shepherd Lois, Au Heather-Jane, Langer Christiane, Moore Malcolm J, Zalcberg John R in The New England journal of medicine (2008).

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Treatment with cetuximab, a monoclonal antibody directed against the epidermal growth factor receptor, improves overall and progression-free survival and preserves the quality of life in patients with colorectal cancer that has not responded to chemotherapy. The mutation status of the K-ras gene in the tumor may affect the response to cetuximab and have treatment-independent prognostic value.

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