Sequence variants in IL10, ARPC2 and multiple other loci contribute to ulcerative colitis susceptibility by Franke Andre, Balschun Tobias, Karlsen Tom H, Sventoraityte Jurgita, Nikolaus Susanna, Mayr Gabriele, Domingues Francisco S, Albrecht Mario, Nothnagel Michael, Ellinghaus David, Sina Christian, Onnie Clive M, Weersma Rinse K, Stokkers Pieter C F, Wijmenga Cisca, Gazouli Maria, Strachan David, McArdle Wendy L, Vermeire Séverine, Rutgeerts Paul, Rosenstiel Philip, Krawczak Michael, Vatn Morten H, IBSEN study group, Mathew Christopher G, Schreiber Stefan in Nature genetics (2008).

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