DYRK1A-dosage imbalance perturbs NRSF/REST levels, deregulating pluripotency and embryonic stem cell fate in Down syndrome by Canzonetta Claudia, Mulligan Claire, Deutsch Samuel, Ruf Sandra, O'Doherty Aideen, Lyle Robert, Borel Christelle, Lin-Marq Nathalie, Delom Frederic, Groet J├╝rgen, Schnappauf Felix, De Vita Serena, Averill Sharon, Priestley John V, Martin Joanne E, Shipley Janet, Denyer Gareth, Epstein Charles J, Fillat Cristina, Estivill Xavier, Tybulewicz Victor L J, Fisher Elizabeth M C, Antonarakis Stylianos E, Nizetic Dean in American journal of human genetics (2008).

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