A polymorphism within the G6PC2 gene is associated with fasting plasma glucose levels by Bouatia-Naji Nabila, Rocheleau Ghislain, Van Lommel Leentje, Lemaire Katleen, Schuit Frans, Cavalcanti-Proença Christine, Marchand Marion, Hartikainen Anna-Liisa, Sovio Ulla, De Graeve Franck, Rung Johan, Vaxillaire Martine, Tichet Jean, Marre Michel, Balkau Beverley, Weill Jacques, Elliott Paul, Jarvelin Marjo-Riitta, Meyre David, Polychronakos Constantin, Dina Christian, Sladek Robert, Froguel Philippe in Science (New York, N.Y.) (2008).

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