Polymorphisms in the drug transporter gene ABCB1 predict antidepressant treatment response in depression by Uhr Manfred, Tontsch Alina, Namendorf Christian, Ripke Stephan, Lucae Susanne, Ising Marcus, Dose Tatjana, Ebinger Martin, Rosenhagen Marcus, Kohli Martin, Kloiber Stefan, Salyakina Daria, Bettecken Thomas, Specht Michael, Pütz Benno, Binder Elisabeth B, Müller-Myhsok Bertram, Holsboer Florian in Neuron (2008).

[PMID: 18215618] PubMed


The clinical efficacy of a systemically administered drug acting on the central nervous system depends on its ability to pass the blood-brain barrier, which is regulated by transporter molecules such as ABCB1 (MDR1). Here we report that polymorphisms in the ABCB1 gene predict the response to antidepressant treatment in those depressed patients receiving drugs that have been identified as substrates of ABCB1 using abcb1ab double-knockout mice. Our results indicate that the combined consideration of both the medication's capacity to act as an ABCB1-transporter substrate and the patient's ABCB1 genotype are strong predictors for achieving a remission. This finding can be viewed as a further step into personalized antidepressant treatment.

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