Cystatin C modulates cerebral beta-amyloidosis by Kaeser Stephan A, Herzig Martin C, Coomaraswamy Janaky, Kilger Ellen, Selenica Maj-Linda, Winkler David T, Staufenbiel Matthias, Levy Efrat, Grubb Anders, Jucker Mathias in Nature genetics (2007).

[PMID: 18026102] PubMed


The CST3 Thr25 allele of CST3, which encodes cystatin C, leads to reduced cystatin C secretion and conveys susceptibility to Alzheimer's disease. Here we show that overexpression of human cystatin C in brains of APP-transgenic mice reduces cerebral amyloid-beta deposition and that cystatin C binds amyloid-beta and inhibits its fibril formation. Our results suggest that cystatin C concentrations modulate cerebral amyloidosis risk and provide an opportunity for genetic risk assessment and therapeutic interventions.

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