Cisplatin and fluorouracil alone or with docetaxel in head and neck cancer by Posner Marshall R, Hershock Diane M, Blajman Cesar R, Mickiewicz Elizabeth, Winquist Eric, Gorbounova Vera, Tjulandin Sergei, Shin Dong M, Cullen Kevin, Ervin Thomas J, Murphy Barbara A, Raez Luis E, Cohen Roger B, Spaulding Monica, Tishler Roy B, Roth Berta, Viroglio Rosana del Carmen, Venkatesan Varagur, Romanov Ilya, Agarwala Sanjiv, Harter K William, Dugan Matthew, Cmelak Anthony, Markoe Arnold M, Read Paul W, Steinbrenner Lynn, Colevas A Dimitrios, Norris Charles M, Haddad Robert I, TAX 324 Study Group in The New England journal of medicine (2007).

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A randomized phase 3 trial of the treatment of squamous-cell carcinoma of the head and neck compared induction chemotherapy with docetaxel plus cisplatin and fluorouracil (TPF) with cisplatin and fluorouracil (PF), followed by chemoradiotherapy.

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