Common genetic variation in KCNH2 is associated with QT interval duration: the Framingham Heart Study by Newton-Cheh Christopher, Guo Chao-Yu, Larson Martin G, Musone Stacy L, Surti Aarti, Camargo Amy L, Drake Jared A, Benjamin Emelia J, Levy Daniel, D'Agostino Ralph B, Hirschhorn Joel N, O'donnell Christopher J in Circulation (2007).

[PMID: 17709632] PubMed


QT prolongation is associated with increased risk of sudden cardiac death in the general population and in people exposed to QT-prolonging drugs. Mutations in the KCNH2 gene encoding the HERG potassium channel cause 30% of long-QT syndrome, and binding to this channel leads to drug-induced QT prolongation. We tested common KCNH2 variants for association with continuous QT interval duration.

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