Clinical expression of Leber hereditary optic neuropathy is affected by the mitochondrial DNA-haplogroup background by Hudson Gavin, Carelli Valerio, Spruijt Liesbeth, Gerards Mike, Mowbray Catherine, Achilli Alessandro, Pyle Angela, Elson Joanna, Howell Neil, La Morgia Chiara, Valentino Maria Lucia, Huoponen Kirsi, Savontaus Marja-Liisa, Nikoskelainen Eeva, Sadun Alfredo A, Salomao Solange R, Belfort Rubens, Griffiths Philip, Man Patrick Yu Wai, de Coo Rene F M, Horvath Rita, Zeviani Massimo, Smeets Hubert J T, Torroni Antonio, Chinnery Patrick F in American journal of human genetics (2007).

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