Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of efavirenz and nelfinavir in HIV-infected children participating in an area-under-the-curve controlled trial by Fletcher C V, Brundage R C, Fenton T, Alvero C G, Powell C, Mofenson L M, Spector S A in Clinical pharmacology and therapeutics (2008).

[PMID: 17609682] PubMed


Fifty human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-infected children participated in an area-under-the plasma concentration-time curve (AUC)-controlled trial of efavirenz and nelfinavir. Pharmacokinetic evaluations were performed at weeks 2, 6, and 56. Efavirenz and nelfinavir doses were adjusted to achieve AUC values of 60-120 and > or = 10 mg h/l, respectively. Thirty-seven (74%) children met the efavirenz target and 41 (82%) the nelfinavir by week 10. Children with AUC values for both drugs above the first quartile were more likely to reach < 400 copies/ml of HIV RNA at week 8. Efavirenz and nelfinavir oral clearance increased 37 and 62% from weeks 2 to 56, respectively, in 34 children who continued on therapy at week 56. AUC values at week 56 were not different between children who did or did not have HIV RNA < 400 copies/ml. Dose adjustment to achieve specific AUC values in these children reduced the risk of suboptimal exposure and achieved high rates of virologic suppression.

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