Common variants in WFS1 confer risk of type 2 diabetes by Sandhu Manjinder S, Weedon Michael N, Fawcett Katherine A, Wasson Jon, Debenham Sally L, Daly Allan, Lango Hana, Frayling Timothy M, Neumann Rosalind J, Sherva Richard, Blech Ilana, Pharoah Paul D, Palmer Colin N A, Kimber Charlotte, Tavendale Roger, Morris Andrew D, McCarthy Mark I, Walker Mark, Hitman Graham, Glaser Benjamin, Permutt M Alan, Hattersley Andrew T, Wareham Nicholas J, Barroso InĂªs in Nature genetics (2007).

[PMID: 17603484] PubMed


We studied genes involved in pancreatic beta cell function and survival, identifying associations between SNPs in WFS1 and diabetes risk in UK populations that we replicated in an Ashkenazi population and in additional UK studies. In a pooled analysis comprising 9,533 cases and 11,389 controls, SNPs in WFS1 were strongly associated with diabetes risk. Rare mutations in WFS1 cause Wolfram syndrome; using a gene-centric approach, we show that variation in WFS1 also predisposes to common type 2 diabetes.

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