A genome-wide association study identifies alleles in FGFR2 associated with risk of sporadic postmenopausal breast cancer by Hunter David J, Kraft Peter, Jacobs Kevin B, Cox David G, Yeager Meredith, Hankinson Susan E, Wacholder Sholom, Wang Zhaoming, Welch Robert, Hutchinson Amy, Wang Junwen, Yu Kai, Chatterjee Nilanjan, Orr Nick, Willett Walter C, Colditz Graham A, Ziegler Regina G, Berg Christine D, Buys Saundra S, McCarty Catherine A, Feigelson Heather Spencer, Calle Eugenia E, Thun Michael J, Hayes Richard B, Tucker Margaret, Gerhard Daniela S, Fraumeni Joseph F, Hoover Robert N, Thomas Gilles, Chanock Stephen J in Nature genetics (2007).

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