Variation in FTO contributes to childhood obesity and severe adult obesity by Dina Christian, Meyre David, Gallina Sophie, Durand Emmanuelle, Körner Antje, Jacobson Peter, Carlsson Lena M S, Kiess Wieland, Vatin Vincent, Lecoeur Cecile, Delplanque Jérome, Vaillant Emmanuel, Pattou François, Ruiz Juan, Weill Jacques, Levy-Marchal Claire, Horber Fritz, Potoczna Natascha, Hercberg Serge, Le Stunff Catherine, Bougnères Pierre, Kovacs Peter, Marre Michel, Balkau Beverley, Cauchi Stéphane, Chèvre Jean-Claude, Froguel Philippe in Nature genetics (2007).

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We identified a set of SNPs in the first intron of the FTO (fat mass and obesity associated) gene on chromosome 16q12.2 that is consistently strongly associated with early-onset and severe obesity in both adults and children of European ancestry with an experiment-wise P value of 1.67 x 10(-26) in 2,900 affected individuals and 5,100 controls. The at-risk haplotype yields a proportion of attributable risk of 22% for common obesity. We conclude that FTO contributes to human obesity and hence may be a target for subsequent functional analyses.

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