Sorafenib in advanced clear-cell renal-cell carcinoma by Escudier Bernard, Eisen Tim, Stadler Walter M, Szczylik Cezary, Oudard Stéphane, Siebels Michael, Negrier Sylvie, Chevreau Christine, Solska Ewa, Desai Apurva A, Rolland Frédéric, Demkow Tomasz, Hutson Thomas E, Gore Martin, Freeman Scott, Schwartz Brian, Shan Minghua, Simantov Ronit, Bukowski Ronald M, TARGET Study Group in The New England journal of medicine (2007).

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We conducted a phase 3, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of sorafenib, a multikinase inhibitor of tumor-cell proliferation and angiogenesis, in patients with advanced clear-cell renal-cell carcinoma.

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